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The NCJFCJ is at the forefront working to improve national policy and system practices affecting children, families and victims. Your membership in NCJFCJ strengthens our impact and enables us to achieve better outcomes for those involved in the juvenile and family court system.

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Individual Memberships

NCJFCJ/NACM Dual Membership Discount



In partnership with the National Association for Court Management (NACM), the NCJFCJ is pleased to offer a discount on the NCJFCJ Associate Membership to NACM members. The dual membership discount opportunity aligns two organizations working to advance and educate the public on the role and importance of the court system. To sign up, visit https://portal.ncjfcj.orgcreate an account and join as a Member Associate for only $120/year!

The discount only applies to NCJFCJ's Associate Membership. You must provide proof of your NACM Membership or your intent to join NACM to receive the discounted rate. Once you have joined the NCJFCJ, don't forget to sign up with NACM at Membership dues are non-refundable.

NCJFCJ Lifetime Membership


Are you retired from an elected or appointed judicial office? If yes, you are eligible and can sign up for a Lifetime Membership in the NCJFCJ for only $800. This category of membership includes all voting rights.

Take advantage today and continue to receive all the benefits of NCJFCJ membership plus special rates for attending social events, member only meetings, and sessions held in conjunction with our national conferences.

To sign up and pay for the Lifetime Membership, click here, fill out the application and return it to the NCJFCJ, or you can call and pay by phone - (775) 507-4798 or (775) 507-4844.
The cost of the Lifetime Membership is non-refundable.

NAICJA/NCJFCJ Joint Membership

The National American Indian Court Judges Association (NAICJA) and the NCJFCJ are pleased to be able to offer a new membership opportunity. Our organizations work together to strengthen the functions and collaborative opportunities of state and tribal court systems, especially as they pertain to juvenile and family courts.

You can view NAICJA's membership information and benefits at NCJFCJ's benefits are outlined here.

To be eligible for the NAICJA/NCJFCJ joint membership, you must first meet the requirement of becoming a member of the NAICJA. To sign up and join today, click here, and select the Joint NAICJA/NCJFCJ Membership - $215.00!

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Why become a member of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges?

Voice –
Lead the development and implementation of policy and practice to ensure justice for children, families, and victims of domestic violence. The collective voice of our membership impacts law, policy, and practice nationally and in jurisdictions across the country. Participate in discussions with key stakeholders to lead change that will improve systems’ response to the issues that affect children, families, and victims.

Community –
Belong with colleagues who understand your concerns. The power of the NCJFCJ’s community lies in its ability to foster lasting connections, and share challenges and successes to find solutions and initiate change. You don’t have to be a judge – many affiliated professionals are among our long-time members.

Knowledge –
Find the education, training, publications, and data you need to make critical case-specific decisions, run your courtroom efficiently, improve handling of caseloads, and become a leader in your community. Leveraging our in-person and online resources, as well as our members, experts, and faculty, the NCJFCJ has information you can’t get anywhere else. Conference and training programs feature current and relevant topics, and data and statistics from our National Center on Juvenile Justice (NCJJ) are relied upon by federal, state, and local jurisdictions to guide their system improvement efforts.

Solutions –
The NCJFCJ has resources to help you find answers to tough questions. The NCJFCJ provides in-depth technical assistance on the myriad issues facing our nation’s juvenile and family courts, as well as venues that allow you to ask questions, trade ideas, confer with our colleagues, and develop practical solutions to difficult issues.

Prestige –
Join the ranks of the nation’s oldest judicial membership organization with juvenile and family justice as its primary focus. A trusted source on issues of juvenile justice, family law, and domestic violence, the NCJFCJ has a reputation for being at the forefront of systems change and improvement.

Are you ready to take your place in the essential community of those seeking to improve delivery and advocacy of juvenile and family justice?

For more information, contact Marianna Kacyra, Travel Compliance and Membership Specialist at (775) 507-4844 or