Animal Cruelty Issues: What Juvenile and Family Court Judges Need to Know

July 29, 2019

Animal Cruelty TAB cover

The NCJFCJ and Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) co-hosted the Judicial Responses to Animal Cruelty Issues Convening earlier this year. The Convening included participation from 10 judges from across the U.S.–eight judges who hear juvenile, child abuse or family violence cases, one municipal court judge who hears criminal animal cruelty cases, and one retired state supreme court justice. The NCJFCJ and ALDF staff met with the judges to: discover what judges are doing in their communities to address animal cruelty; identify what judges need to know about animal cruelty and the link to violence; and determine what actions, recommended practices, tools, and resources are needed to assist judges to address animal cruelty in their juvenile and family court cases.